Epitaph for Sorrows


This remarkable and highly original novel, the mesmerizing tale of Dolores Rivas, begins in an orphanage in 1950s Buenos Aires. A wounded girl, she becomes convinced that her mother is the child mistress of ex-President Juan Perón.

Epitaph for Sorrows builds on the true-life affair of Perón and fourteen-year-old Nelly Rivas, a scandal contributing to Perón’s overthrow. Dolores fashions a meticulous journal to record her life, entrusting it to a prominent journalist. At great risk, he transforms it into a poignant epitaph indicting a system that embraces death and dismisses Dolores’ life. Her quixotic search for her mother personifies Argentina’s quest for truth in a world of lies and records the human costs of state terror.


About the Author:

Since completing his PhD at Stanford University in 1978, Steven Sanderson has written several scholarly books and monographs about contemporary Latin America. He spent thirty-five years living, working, and traveling in the region as a university professor and non-profit executive. He lives with his wife and dog in the Southeastern United States. This is his second novel, following The Curtain of Hope (2018). His current project is a frontier saga set in nineteenth-century Tierra del Fuego.