My Road from Saigon


Personal revelations include:

  • The Vietnam War and Peace Talks
  • Jeremy Thorpe and the criminal cover up
  • Campaign for Gurkha justice and Peace Foundation

Joanna Lumley said ‘This book sets out the extraordinary life experiences of a man who is so modest. And those experiences and achievements are truly splendid in their breadth and depth. In his early life, they range from flying as a reporter on a combat mission over Vietnam and being blown out of bed by a rocket to playing a key role in the eventual peace process in that beautiful country. And later in life through to helping our Gurkha heroes and dedicating his life to national and community politics. This is both a testament to a remarkable life and an inspiration to the reader.’


‘I read the book from start to finish in a day, and found it absolutely fascinating.’  – Dr Seth Thevoz of Oxford University.

About the Author:

Brian Staley, a former Canterbury City Councillor, was a journalist in Vietnam in the late 1960s before working with Professor Nhon, the architect of the Vietnam Peace Agreement. In the era of the Jeremy Thorpe scandal, he was Membership Director of the National Liberal Club. In the early 2000s he started the successful campaign for Gurkha Justice in which Joanna Lumley plays a leading role.