Striped Night


‘Do you remember that fellow who discovered Pluto? How he was just taking measurements for years and years and then one day he saw the same figures he always saw and… boof! A light went off in his brain, as if… yes, well… I just… it’s kind of the way I feel right now…’

This eclectic collection of poetry and short stories tells of love, loss, and life in all its intricacies. The raw, honest, heartfelt poems illuminate the multi-faceted perspectives and feelings of an author reflecting upon his life, his loved ones, his deterioration and his imminent and inevitable demise, whilst his short stories whisk you off on an escape to a variety of curious worlds, past, present and future. Collated and written in his final months, this collection is David Unsworth’s last hurrah and gift to the world, a world for which he had boundless love and curiosity.


About the Author:

David Unsworth was born in Manchester in 1957. He was educated at the University of Kent in Canterbury where he read English and American Literature. Although he spent much of his life working in e-commerce, he continued to enjoy the arts in his own time and was a talented photographer, pianist and writer. Sadly, in 2018, David was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and in his final months he wrote this collection of poems and short stories for publication.