War School


Even in hell they found friendship

Germany. 1941. Autumn.

Deep in the heart of Nazi Germany, an elite school, War School, is training the best and brightest teenagers to rule the world.

But Hugo Safin and his sister Lottie aren’t like the other students.

They’re Jewish.

Nobody knows this but them and their mother. What better place to hide from Hitler than right under his nose?

They are about to have the adventure of a lifetime, along with their friends Jens Goebbels, Andrea Ducasse, and Oliver Muller.

Sent deep into the Russian winter, they are given an impossible task: kill Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader, and win the war for the Nazis…


About the Author:

Julian Manieson is a British-Ghanaian writer from Watford in Hertfordshire. Currently an undergraduate, he is studying for a Law degree at Oxford University.