A Place in the Country


A tale of passions, mayhem and pagan rites in the idyllic countryside

When yuppies Mitchell and Jocasta Dever move into Yew Tree cottage in the Hampshire village of Itchen Prior they fondly imagine they’ll be starting a new life of bucolic bliss in a rural idyll. In fact, things don’t exactly turn out like that. What they find is a seething pit of incest, sexual jealousy, paganism, exploitation, sharp business practices, feudalism and murder.

A Place in the Country – whose galaxy of characters includes Sherborne St John, the lord of the manor and his scheming wife, Gwendolyn, who keeps her stable hand, Crux Easton, as a sex slave; Jed Smith, exploitative garden centre owner who uses the Bosnian student Jagoda Doboj and her friends as cheap illegal labour, and the  deeply dubious Warren family –  is a novel that takes a hilarious, jaunty, and also often moving and disturbing look at a rural idyll that is anything but.


About the Author

Rob Stuart was born in Germany where his father was a UK Ministry of Defense officer on the East German frontier.
Rob has been a bookseller, civil servant, wine bar owner and EFL teacher. He has taught English in Cyprus, Kuwait, Spain, Germany as well as in the United Arab Emirates University and Academic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London He is now retired and divides his time between writing and travelling.