FAQs - All About Publishing With The Conrad Press

Explore our book publishing FAQs below to find answers to many common questions:

How do I submit my manuscript to The Conrad Press?​

To submit your manuscript, visit our ‘Submissions’ page and follow the guidelines outlined.

Our team will be in touch very quickly after submission to discuss your manuscript.

The Conrad Press is a specialist in publishing a broad spectrum of genres, including; contemporary, historical, fantasy, LGBTQ, young adult and children’s fiction, as well as all kinds of general non-fiction including memoirs and biographies.

We also welcome poetry collections, playscripts and screenplays.

We tend not to publish books that have large numbers of illustrations and/or photographs (in practice about 30 per book is our maximum) and we do not usually publish books shorter than 15,000 words in length.

Your book will be printed and in your hands roughly twenty-eight days before it is available to buy online.

We use exceptional designers and typesetters, who work alongside each writer to ensure they achieve exactly the artwork and style you want. They will not sign off your book until you are completely satisfied.

Our authors tell us that the collaborative cover-design process is one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of the process, (second only to receiving copies of their finished, printed book!)

Books from The Conrad Press are printed exclusively by the very well-respected international printer Clays. They are the UK’s largest book printer, and have a robust sustainability programme.

We maintain high standards and have a reputation for being meticulous in the end result, and we usually publish books within three months of submission. 

Our design team welcomes your input and ideas to create a book cover that reflects your vision while considering market trends and appeal. We will collaborate with you to create the perfect book cover for your work.

We offer tailored marketing activities, including online and offline promotional approaches. This includes social media campaigns and book launches which will enhance the visibility of your book.

When you’re published by The Conrad Press, your book’s details will appear on all databases of book suppliers and computer systems of every major UK bookshop chain as well as many independent booksellers’ systems. And we’ll get you onto Amazon for both printed book and e-book versions of your work.

Certainly! Many of our authors have published several books with us. We support authors in publishing any number of books, either as a series, or individual subjects.

We offer a range of formats, including paperback and hardcover. Our team will guide you in choosing the formats that best suit your target audience and marketing strategy.

Yes, you retain the rights to your intellectual property.  This will be clearly outlined in your publication offer.

Yes, we explore international distribution options to broaden the reach of your book. Our team will work with you to tap into diverse markets and readerships.

We’re well-connected with valuable international contacts

For us, it’s not just about creating your physically-published book. The story of your manuscript doesn’t end there. Our vision is to take your story as far as we can.

We have a close collaborative relationship with a major US-based literary agent who sees all our books and represents many of them with a view to selling them to US publishers. Success here would lead to a ‘traditional’ deal, that is, a deal where you would be offered an advance by the interested US publishing house.

We are also in contact with screenplay producers.

The Conrad Press is run by writers for writers. We strive to champion authors, new and seasoned, delivering excellence at all points of your interactions with us.

Our commitment to personalised support, transparent processes, and collaboration with you distinguishes us from other publishers. We prioritise building lasting relationships with our authors and we work hard to ensure we are accessible, helpful, honest and constructive.  We will do our utmost to have your manuscript published in a timely manner.

Yes, we accept previously self-published manuscripts. Our team will assess the potential of your work and discuss the best approach for re-publishing

While there is no strict word count limit, we recommend manuscripts to be within a competitive range for the chosen genre. Our editors will provide guidance during the evaluation process.  As mentioned above we tend not to publish books shorter than 15,000 words in length.

The Conrad Press welcomes requests for review copies from editors, journalists and bloggers. We also welcome requests for interviews with authors and for any further information about any of our books and/or their authors.

Please direct all requests for interviews, further information and review copies to us via our ‘contact’ form.

For further enquiries, visit our ‘contact’ page.  Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about publishing with The Conrad Press.

Explore the possibilities of bringing your story to life with The Conrad Press – Your Partner in Publishing Excellence.