Book Publishing

Your partners in professional book publishing and promotion

At The Conrad Press, we are more than just a book publisher, we are your partners in professional book publishing and promotion, bringing your book to life and turning writers into authors.

As an independent publisher, we are committed to guiding you through the entire journey, from manuscript to the bookshelf.  

We pride ourselves on being accessible, straightforward and transparent, and, being authors ourselves we have a deep understanding of the significant importance of your work.

Our services include book publishing, typesetting and cover design.

Our dedication to book publishing:

  1. Expertise as a distinguished UK and international publisher: Our experienced team understands the nuances of the industry, ensuring your work is in capable hands from inception to publication.
  2. Comprehensive book publishing services: From editing and cover design to formatting and printing, we provide a comprehensive complement of book publishing services, transforming your manuscript into a masterpiece.
  3. Targeted promotion strategies: Our commitment to book publishing and promotion goes beyond the printing press. We offer assistance in reaching your desired audience. We offer promotion and marketing which can include specifically targeted press releases and book launch events.
  4. Independent publisher approach: As an independent publisher, we uphold a flexible and author-centric ethos, respecting and nurturing your unique vision.

Why Choose The Conrad Press:

Author-Centric Ethos and Transparent Costs

We’ve been there ourselves, having penned books and experiencing the frustration of being just another ignored manuscript. We understand the significance of your work and are dedicated to turning your dreams into a successful literary career.

Our cost structure is entirely transparent. If we make you an offer for your book, all costs will be detailed in your offer letter. Our costs are notably lower than other ‘author contribution business model’ publishers.

High-Quality Printing and Expert Cover Design

The Conrad Press books are exclusively printed by Clays, the UK’s largest book printer. Their longstanding expertise guarantees the quality you deserve. Our collaborative cover-design process is an exciting journey, second only to receiving your printed book. We work with outstanding designers and typesetters to make your book visually captivating.

We will help you get your book onto prominent high street bookstore websites such as Waterstones and WHSmith, and of course, your book will be listed on Amazon and other large online marketplaces.

Wider Distribution and International Opportunities

Beyond physical publishing, we’re connected with a major US-based literary agent, opening doors to US publishers. We’re in touch with well-known film studios, producers, Netflix, and other screenplay producers, potentially bringing your story to the screen.

You’ll also be part of The Conrad Press author community, offering the opportunity to communicate, share ideas, and expand your literary network.

Contact The Conrad Press: Submit your manuscript via our Submissions page here.

You do not need a literary agent to submit to The Conrad Press. 

Join us at The Conrad Press and embark on a literary adventure with one of the most experienced independent publishers in the UK today.