Our Authors in the News

Ian Allan

Oct 19, 2021

A fantastic article in the Rutland Times.

Ian Allan was the worthy winner last year of a competition arranged by the journal London Police Pensioner which The Conrad Press sponsored. There were many arresting entries, as indeed there are in this year’s competition too! Well done Ian!

Rory O'Grady

Oct 15, 2021

A heart filled article on our writer Rory O’Grady and how he came about writing his extraordinary book ‘The Flight of The Arctic Fox’

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Bruce Harris

Aug 21, 2021

A very moving article in the Midweek Herald about our writer Bruce Harris and his novel Gemini Day

Susie Helme

Aug 21, 2021

Congratulations to our writer Susie Helme for WINNING the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for Best Historical – we are all thrilled!

Lizzy Shortall

Aug 2, 2021

See the link below for a lovely article about our writer Lizzy Shortall and her novel The Lotus and the Tiger

Khurram Elahi

Aug 1, 2021

A fascinating article about our writer Khurram Elahi who has written his first horror and thriller novel called ‘A Change of Seasons’.

Glen Williams

July 27, 2021

A great article and interview on ‘The Silent Owl’ by Glen Williams in THEDIFFDAFF

Susie Helme

July 26, 2021

Click the link to see a fabulous review of ‘The Lost Wisdom of the Magi’ by our writer Susie Helme in Kent Bylines

Paul McCracken

July, 2021

Click the link below to see a wonderful article in The Belfast Telegraph about our author Paul McCracken for his fantastic book ‘Where Crows Land’

Lizzy Shortall

July, 2021

Click the link below to see a lovely and quite emotional article about our author Lizzy Shortall for her book ‘The Lotus and the Tiger’

Jo Dutton

July, 2021

Here is a great piece on our writer Jo Dutton in The Dover CommunityAd Magazine.

David Gee

July, 2021

See link below for a fantastic piece in the Hastings Observer and Sussex Express on our author David Gee

Elaine Graham-Leigh

June, 2021

Review of The Caduca from Mat Coward in the Morning Star

Nick Mylne

Apr, 2021

Below is a great review of international helicopter pilot Nick Mylne’s book, Life in a Spin.

Soulla Christodoulou

Feb, 2021

Click the link to watch a television interview on Hellenic TV with Soulla Christodoulou, talking about her new book, Alexander and Maria.

Walter Ellis

Feb, 2021

More praise for Walter Ellis’s WWII thriller, Franco’s Map, this time from the Guardian columnist Matthew d’Ancona, a former Booker Prize judge, writing in the prestigious online magazine, Tortoise.

Franco’s Map – Walter Ellis (The Conrad Press)

“Why didn’t General Franco join the Axis powers in 1940, seize Gibraltar from the British and establish a new Spanish empire in north Africa? This is the question that inspired Ellis’s excellent new novel, a historical thriller written with a style and panache familiar to those who have read the author’s journalism over the years. Highly recommended.”

To see the review on the website, you’ll need to click below.

Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Jan, 2021

There’s a great review of Dan Wood’s new thriller, Ignatius on the ‘What Rebecca’s Read’ blog.  You can read the review here.

Robin Newbold

Robin Newbold

Jan, 2021

Robin Newbold featured on boyz.co.uk with his new book Bangkok Burning and its dark but exotic love story amongst the city’s ladyboys

Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Jan, 2021

Dan Wood, author of the gripping, gritty spy novel, Ignatius, has been profiled in the Worthing Herald. You can read his story here:

Worthing author Dan Wood offers debut spy thriller | Worthing Herald

Paul Twivy


Dec, 2020

Conrad Press author Paul Twivy has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize for his novel, Hallowed Ground.  This is a People’s prize and you can help Paul win! To vote for Paul’s book just click here. Deadline April 30, 2021.

Una Suseli O'Connell

Una oconnell 2

Nov, 2020

An interview with Conrad Press author Una Suseli O’Connell and a review of her book The Absent Prince- in search of missing men appears in the November issue of Go Folkestone.

Ian G. Macpherson

Nov, 2020

Ian G. Macpherson’s book, A Scotsman’s Odyssey is reviewed in the Nov. 2020 issue of Yachting Monthly.     

Peter Margetts and John Cookson

Mar 19, 2020

When’s Daddy Coming Home?’ by Peter Margetts and John Cookson was mentioned as part of this article in the Daily Star

Tony Bassett

Mar 18, 2020

The Lazarus Charter by Tony Bassett appeared in the Times of Tunbridge Wells and the Times of Tonbridge (arts and culture section) on March 18, 2020.

Michael Waterhouse

Jan 25, 2020

Prodigal by Michael Waterhouse was mentioned by Joan Bakewell in The Times.

Stephen Gillatt

Dec 06, 2019

Stephen Gillatt and his book ‘Mad, sad dysfunctional dad’ were featured on the Daily Mail website.

Bridget Nolan

May 30, 2019

Bridget Nolan and her book A Walk with Charles Dickens & Other Poems were featured in the Medway Messenger

Bridget Nolan

May 23, 2019

Bridget Nolan and her book A Walk with Charles Dickens & Other Poems were featured in the Maidstone Kent Messenger

Derek Ross

September 06, 2019

Derek Ross had his book, Erasing Kane featured in the Meath Chronicle.

Rory O'Grady

March 22, 2019

Rory O’Grady has had his book featured in this months Geographical magazine.

Kevin Hartley

April 12, 2017

Kevin Hartley and his book The End of Innocence were featured in this article

Kevin Hartley

March 19, 2017

Kevin Hartley and his book The End of Innocence were featured in the Express and  the Star.

Annelisa Christensen

January 30, 2017

Annelisa Christensen and her book The Popish Midwife were featured in the Wonderful Women section of honestmum.com interview by Vicki Psarias

Jovanka Houska

January 10, 2017

Jovanka Houska and her book The Mating Game were featured on a popular Norwegian Chess web site Bergens Schakklub.

Jovanka Houska

January 3, 2017

Jovanka Houska and her book The Mating Game were featured in a Sun newspaper article by Jake Lambourne.

Jovanka Houska

November 16, 2016

This article by James Essinger, co-author of The Mating Game with chess star Jovanka Houska, the British Women’s Chess Champion, is partly about a visit Jovanka made to James’s local chess club near Canterbury in Kent. This article appears by kind permission of Chess magazine, the leading chess magazine in the UK.

Peter Taylor-Gooby

September 1, 2016

Peter was featured in an article on timeshighereducation.com in a piece written by David Matthews about his research and book The Baby Auction.

Michael Doyle

August 24, 2016

Michael was featured in kentlive.news in a piece about his book Heaven and Hell, the article was written by Ana Hriscu.

Peter Taylor-Gooby

August 19, 2016

Peter was featured in the Watford Observer in a piece written by Jyoti Rambhai about his book The Baby Auction.

Marie Campbell

August 9, 2016

Marie and her book “Baby” were featured in this article by Kendra Olson for Lothian Life.

Paul Crampton

March 24, 2016

Conrad Press authors Paul Crampton and Stuart Hutchinson are here featured in the Kentish Gazette, Canterbury. Kent