Ada Lovelace


Ada Lovelace: the Countess Who Dreamed in Numbers is a carefully researched novel that tells the astonishing story of the real-life young woman who saw the coming of the computer age nearly a century before it occurred. Feisty, rebellious and beautiful, Ada Lovelace, born Ada Byron (1815-1852), was also a genius known for writing the very first computer programs.

The only legitimate daughter of poet Lord Byron, a man exiled from England for his scandalous poetry, wild sexual exploits and gambling debts, Ada inherited her father’s imagination – much to her mother’s horror.

Desperate to keep her daughter respectable, Lady Byron tutored Ada rigorously in mathematics, hoping to quash any creative impulses her daughter might have.

Ada’s life grows more complicated when Lord Byron apparently returns to England. She’s thrilled when her father begins to visit her in secret, but will he help or hurt Ada’s dream of being recognized as a true scientist?

About the Author:

Shanee Edwards is a journalist and award-winning screenwriter who earned her masters degree in film from the University of California, Los Angeles. To research Ada’s life, Shanee traveled to Oxford University in England, where she spent time reading Ada’s witty, often emotional, hand-written letters from nearly two centuries ago. This is Shanee’s first novel.