Fi’s Ability


‘Fi’s Ability’ – a memoir is a charming stroll through a daughter’s early years, and more recently, her experience spending lockdown with her blind, slightly deaf, cynical and wobbly nonagenarian mother.

‘On my Mother’s Life’ is a cry for help, well… that’s how social services interpreted it. Throughout lockdown, many people spent more time with their family than they were comfortable with; the letters convey just how a mother and daughter muddled along. Gin features heavily to deal with the daily frustrations. Following this, ‘Adventures of a Ginger Girl’ is a charming peep at a childhood in Cornwall, through the eyes of a permanently red girl with strong opinions and extremely big knickers.

About the Author:

Fiona Ritchie was born in Cornwall and is now living in the beautiful countryside of Bedfordshire, with her mother. Fiona took to writing as an escape from a stressful period in her life, and found it helped focus her mind, as well as cheering herself up. Fiona is now a full-time carer for her mum, and continues to write letters.