The Other Days


The Other Days is a truly uplifting story of living with cancer.


About the Author

After reading Film and Drama at London University, Gillian Lee trained as a film editor with the BBC, then worked as a drama teacher. She lives in Cheshire with her husband, Christian. They have four children.

In December 2015, Gillian was diagnosed with a stage four, glioblastoma multiforme tumour; incurable, aggressive and deadly with a very short life prognosis. She looked for and she found silver linings. Like the stringing together of separate, precious beads to make a necklace, each part of this book radiates the joy of life.

James Essinger, principal of The Conrad Press, writes: Tragically, Gilly lost her battle against brain cancer on December 9 2019. At her funeral, St Michael’s Church in Marbury was packed with family and friends eager to celebrate Gilly’s wonderfully well-lived life. Her remarkable book, The Other Days, is a fantastically moving, thought-provoking celebration of life in general and Gilly’s life in particular. I shall always feel deeply fortunate and privileged to have published it.