The Passionate Imperialists


There is still a great fascination with the British Empire. Opinions vary widely about Great Britain’s imperial past, and about the extraordinary characters who shaped it and were willing to sacrifice everything for it.

This remarkable, engrossing true story tells of two of the British Empire’s most pivotal characters: Sir Frederick Lugard, soldier, explorer, anti-slaver and controversial first Governor-General of Nigeria, and Flora Shaw, the first colonial editor of The Times. The Passionate Imperialists recounts how they met, loved and transformed each other’s lives, and how they fought slavery and through their efforts helped improve the lives of millions of people in Africa.

The story starts in India and moves to Afghanistan, Sudan, across Africa, then travels to Hong Kong and concludes with the founding of Nigeria.

About the Author:

Rory O’Grady has travelled extensively in his career as a chartered civil engineer and has lived both in Nigeria and in Hong Kong during the last thirty years.

He is related by marriage to Sir Frederick Lugard, which enabled him to have privileged access to vital new information to write with new insight on Frederick Lugard and Flora Shaw.

Rory has retired to the county of Kent in the south of England and is carrying out research for his next book, which is set in Ireland and Japan.