The Sorx and the Qorx


This remarkable and highly imaginative novel takes the reader into the fascinating world of Highlow, a fantastical land inhabited by Sorx, Qorx and other magical creatures. Join Holly and Jack in their frantic search for their friend Podge in a world built on prime numbers. While desperately trying to save Podge, Holly and Jack find themselves in Highlow. Lost and scared, they meet a kindly Qorx who hatches a rescue plan in which they must enter the weird and wonderful town of Qorxville. But their hopes are dashed at every turn. With time running out, they try to escape. After a fierce battle, a terrible disaster occurs. Can Holly and Jack rescue Podge or will they be trapped forever in this strange parallel universe?


About the author


John Uren was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne but has lived beside the Leeds-Liverpool canal in Yorkshire with his wife Rosemary for many years. He loves cricket and used to run 10km races until one of his knees gave up. During his career as an engineering surveyor and map-maker, he co-authored several student textbooks. He has also written a local history book about the village in which he grew up in County Durham. ‘The Sorx and the Qorx’ is his first book for children. Others are planned.