Thea and Milo, the strange couple and the trial of the Venusian baby


‘Thea and Milo, the Strange Couple and the Trial of the Venusian Baby’ is an original, entertaining and highly amusing story. It features unique characters, an extremely imaginative plot and a gripping finale.

A seemingly normal Hicks family holiday soon turns into something completely different! It’s told from the point of view of nine-year-old Thea. She tells of a strange couple, and an amazing bond she shares with one of them. There’s an alien who smells of cabbage, another alien disguised as a wardrobe, a golf-loving giant fish and more aliens to discover besides. This remarkable book will delight children and adults alike.

This is the first story from the fertile mind of Darren Carpenter and, judging by the ending, possibly not his last.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Kent, Darren Carpenter has two daughters and currently three grandchildren. His eldest grandchild provided much of the inspiration for this book. When not writing, Darren loves watching live music and comedy. He also loves family holidays, and some of the moments in this book actually happened!