To Die for a Night


A riveting, endlessly engaging and powerful novel based substantially on real-life events, To Die for a Night is, above all, a soldier’s perspective about the killing of a president, the betrayal of comrades, and the infamous spread of chemical and biological weapons in the Middle East.

The vigorously drawn and unforgettable setting is the South African counter-insurgency Border War from 1966 to 1989. In that fierce conflict, courageous soldiers fought tirelessly, often against overwhelming odds, to protect their family, friends and fellow citizens. Meanwhile, as ever, politicians and businessmen conspired in dark rooms for their own advantage, and even enrichment, under the protection of these very soldiers.

There has never been a war novel like To Die for a Night.


About the Author:

The author, Abraham Lewis, nowadays enjoys a quiet lifestyle. As he explains: ‘My experiences as a soldier and journalist have encouraged in me a focused and inquisitive approach to life. I feel mindful of my place in society and above all, as a writer, my aim is to tell the truth.’