The Conrad Press

The Conrad Press was founded at the end of 2015 by writer and literary agent James Essinger. The Conrad Press is named in honour of the great Anglo-Polish writer Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), who spent the last few years of his life in the village of Bishopsbourne near Canterbury and is buried in Canterbury.

The Conrad Press is especially interested in publishing fiction, memoirs, biographies, poetry collections, and also novels or non-fiction set at sea, including books about sailing or yachting.

As James explains: ‘I founded The Conrad Press because it had become clear to me that in the current publishing climate, many perfectly worthwhile, and indeed often excellent, novels and other books were not being accepted by large publishers. Why? Because the publishers were, understandably perhaps, financially cautious and were aware that in order for a book published by them to be a success, it  usually needs to sell thousands of copies in the short-term in order to be profitable. ‘

James adds: ‘The Conrad Press also aims to sell the maximum number of copies of all its books, but because of its business model, The Conrad Press is not under such immediate pressure to sell a large number of copies in the short-term. Also, unlike many books published by large publishers, which only get promoted for a relatively short period of time and then, if they are not highly successful, receive less promotion, The Conrad Press will continue to publicise and promote its books indefinitely.’

The Conrad Press makes use of a business model which allows authors to earn considerably more from their book’s success than the traditional publishing model.

Books from this exciting new imprint are available on this website, on the page entitled ‘Buy Our Books’.

The Conrad Press is fortunate to work with  one of the most talented book designers in the UK. Her name is Charlotte Mouncey and you can find out more details about Charlotte at her website

Please note that the Conrad Press does not take submissions directly.  Submissions for the Conrad Press should be made via Canterbury Literary Agency. Here is a link to the Literary Agency website