Our ghostwriting services

At The Conrad Press, we specialise in ghostwriting a wide range of literary works, including:

Life Stories: Capture the full essence of your life experiences and share them with the world.

Philosophical Works: Exploring general and profound philosophical discussions or political philosophy.

Novels: Bring your imaginative stories to life with our expert ghostwriting services.

Business Books: Combine business insights with self-help guidance to inspire readers to excel in their professional endeavors.  Our business books often focus on your personal experiences as a businessperson, delivering powerful, inspirational narratives written in a vigorous and thoughtful style.

– Any other kind of non-fiction book or indeed work of fiction

While we excel in various genres, we do not offer ghostwriting services for poetry collections, as poetry is a deeply personal art form best expressed without ghostwriting assistance.

Our experienced ghostwriters

Our team comprises seasoned ghostwriters with diverse skills and specialisations.

James Essinger
Specialising in fiction, memoirs, and business books.

Angela Rosindale
Experienced in memoirs, business books, and stories set in the Middle East.

Gregory Motton
Highly experienced in fiction, memoirs, screenplays, and plays. Has had several plays produced in the UK and France.

Joshua Stuart-Bennett
Expertise in memoirs and business books.

James Taylor
Specialising in fiction and memoirs.

How the ghostwriting relationship works

The nature of the ghostwriting relationship will depend on what you want.

Sometimes a client wants to be heavily involved with relaying details of the content of the book but requires the actual book to be written by the ghostwriter.

Sometimes a client only has a vague idea of what they want the book to contain and relies heavily on the ghostwriter to provide suggestions and to recommend approaches regarding content.

We work alongside you to create your vision in the way that works for you.  Some clients will have more time available than others, but the important thing is that there is a climate of goodwill and collaboration between the client and the writer.  This is what The Conrad Press always nurtures.

Preserving your authorial voice

At The Conrad Press, we understand the importance of maintaining your unique voice and vision. Unless you request otherwise, your book will be attributed solely to you, ensuring that your authorial integrity remains intact, and we will remain completely invisible. 

International publication services

With The Conrad Press, you can rest assured that your ghostwritten book will receive comprehensive international publication services. Whether in print or digital format, your work will reach audiences across the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and the United States.

Get started today

If you’re interested in exploring our ghostwriting services further, please don’t hesitate to contact James Essinger, founder and managing director of The Conrad Press, at Simply include ‘ghostwriting’ in the email subject bar, and your enquiry will be directed to me promptly.

Otherwise please use the contact us form and we will call you back.

Thank you for considering The Conrad Press for your ghostwriting endeavours.