Book writing services

You might be primarily a man or woman of ideas, or you might not have had the time yet to develop the verbal or stylistic fluency to put your ideas onto the page. You might simply not have the time to write the book before you have moved on to new ideas that take hold of your imagination.
Even best-selling novelists are known to farm out the actual writing of their novels to others, that way achieving the maximum output for their ideas.
And of course yours will be the only name to appear on your book.
If you want us to write your book for you according to your plan, plot and general description we can do it, and in any given style.
Our ghost-writing department has a writer who is not only competent but regarded as one of the most original writers of his generation. He has also written successfully in most genres, from novels, plays, which have been performed in major theatres around the world (and which have received 5 star reviews in the Sunday Times), films, even musicals, including the songs. He is also a prize-winning translator. His one book about economics is in the House of Commons Library. He has also written speeches for leading politicians during important national debates.
This service is appropriate for any sort of book, fiction or non-fiction, autobiographies, biographies, novels, film scripts, TV scripts, plays or any other book including books for children.
You may prefer a full service in which we write the entire book or you may want some help and assistance in realising your intentions; whichever it is, the service is completely flexible and we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
Our prices are reasonable and subject to negotiation.
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