A Change of Seasons

A Change of Seasons


John Winters hoped things would get better. But an unfortunate turn of events led him down a terrifying slippery slope in more ways than one.

Reminiscing about his childhood, he rediscovered memories that would come back to haunt him. All he wanted was to find warmth and hope. In his race against time, John was forced to face his affliction and combat his fears.

As he struggled, an unlikely saviour came in the form of a close friend, providing at least some solace and understanding. The question was whether it was too little, too late.

About the Author

Khurram Elahi was born in the town of Haslingden in Lancashire in 1970. He studied Public Administration at Manchester Metropolitan University and has been living in the Middle East for the last seventeen years. This is his debut novel. He has also written several short stories.