A Sense for Silver

A Sense for Silver


‘A Sense for Silver’ is an intriguing mystery, setting the radiance of Paris in relief against its darker side, exploring Paris’s magic, its flavours and its diversity.

Ellyn Boswell, a young silversmith with an uncanny gift of discerning precious metals by touch, escapes to Paris after her father is reported killed in a cliff fall. Her signature Byzantine bracelets help her find work with an old jeweller in the city’s best food street, where her love of sharing food helps her make friends. She hates liars and thieves, but she has something they want. Is she being followed for her sense for silver or because of some backlash from her father’s shady dealings?

About the Author

Lynne Collis is a retired Chartered Engineer from Stoke-on-Trent, who lived and worked in Paris for four years. She now lives in Kent with her husband and cats, making jewellery, crocheting and baking bara brith. ‘A Sense for Silver’ is her first novel. Her short story, ‘the Ninety-Nine Sorrows’, was shortlisted for a prize in Writing Magazine, and she is working on her second novel, ‘Chasing Silver’, also featuring Ellyn.