Black Knife

Black Knife


‘Black Knife’ is a compelling, fast-paced thriller that is gripping from the very first page and will absorb you in an alternative world that could so easily have happened…

October 1940… a meeting between the US Under Secretary and a German general changes the course of World War Two and the future lives of millions.  

January 1985… the German Republic rules northern Europe, productively, successfully, except for one man, the Black Knife. He strikes from the shadows, a trio of political figures slain every five years. No one knows how he does it. No one knows why. When two more bodies are found, former agent John Graham must once again step into the realm of the world’s most notorious killer. 

About the Author

David Tappenden was born in Medway, Kent. David was introduced to the captivating world of books as a child by his parents, his earliest memory being trips to the library with his mother. He also fondly remembers the clacking sound of typewriter keys as his father sat and wrote in the evenings. Following in his father’s footsteps, David has been writing with passion ever since. David is the author of ‘Fright Films: The World’s Scariest Ever Movies’ and has worked in the legal profession for the past nineteen years.