Buying Your Granddaughter

Buying Your Granddaughter


‘Buying Your Granddaughter’ is a gripping story of women wrestling power for themselves in First Century Palestine in order to survive at a time when women are traded and sold like chattels.

Tabitha needs a man to save Miriam, her granddaughter, but not just any man. She needs Ezekiel, the man she hates most. Ezekiel sold Tabitha’s maid, Tira, into slavery to another Hebrew tribe and Tira was killed. The Romans are hunting Miriam as her husband was a Zealot in the Judean Revolt. Tabitha plans to have Miriam bought as a slave and supposedly sold to a Gentile so that she can be taken to safety. Ezekiel is the only person short of a real slaver who can believably do this. Can they pull off Tabitha’s audacious plan or will their personal enmity destroy the mission?

About the Author

Alan Rafferty was born into a working-class family in multi-cultural Coventry, UK. He has worked in Medical Research, Operational Research and IT in UK and abroad. His Christian faith was awakened at university after attending a lecture by Metropolitan Anthony. He has always had an interest in moral questions and questions of social justice. Now retired and living in Hertfordshire he enjoys, together with his wife, different cultures and travelling.