On Charlie Tyndale’s family tree

Are branches bearing, he discovers,

Ancestors of the landed gentry

Including incestuous lovers;

An intrepid adventurer too,

With an eye for a collectible,

And there’s a murdered musician who

In life was all too corruptible.

Was his killer a spurned lover, or

A rival claimant to the estate,

Or treasure-seekers settling a score,

Or all, in a brutal syndicate?

And through all a Concerto’s movements endure;

To Charlie’s ancestral tale, the overture.

About the Author

Robert S. Field is a chartered surveyor turned writer and poet. He is the author of ‘Provenance’, a novel, ‘Stay A While’, a short story included in a collection of tales of the supernatural, and as yet unpublished poetry and two works of literary fiction thinly disguised as forays into the vampire and comedic thriller genres. He lives in Worcestershire, England, where writing is interrupted only by the seductive pull of the classical guitar and the intervention of all the rest of life.