Dust: Poems and Songs

Dust: Poems and Songs


In a world where shadows can sing, where the moon is flying around, and everything is being swallowed by night herself, one man wants to fade away but can’t. In a Journey from dusk till dawn, everything is lost, no one was saved.

Stuck in an impossibly escapable limerence, tortured by riddles and cryptic metaphors, surreality takes over with its only witness spiralling out of control. Constantly combining and contrasting the romantic with the grotesque, all that’s left is a bitter taste, disguised as a reward for the
lonely poet.

About the Author

Jon Sutcliffe is a poet, singer songwriter, actor and writer hailing from South-East London. A Jack of all trades and master of none. Enigmatically dark and beautifully twisted, always clad in black. Devoted to his craft and in love with poetry, music and song