For such a time as this

For such a time as this


For Pauline Dewberry, being diagnosed with cancer was a shock. But she fought back hard, refusing to give up.

With her strong faith, a powerful conviction in living life to the fullest, focusing on the good people and things around her, plus the daily purr-therapy treatment her five cats blessed her with, Pauline was determined to face up to what the future held.

In doing so, she even discovered a new soul-mate to help her on her journey.

One women’s heart-warming story of life, love, determination, and refusal to give up.

About the Author

Pauline Dewberry isn’t sure what came first: her love of cats or writing. In 2002, she created her website on cats. Now she could indulge her passion for both. She has been short-listed twice in competitions run by Writing Magazine, and has had letters, stories and articles published in various newspapers and magazines.

She lives in Kent with her two cats, Casey and Gibbs, both mackerel tabbies, who walked up the garden path at different times and moved in.

Currently researching her latest book on pet bereavement, Pauline hopes to continue writing and living with cats for as long as possible.