I, Master Shakespeare

I, Master Shakespeare


Who could imagine that the son of a glove-maker and an illiterate mother would grow up to be the world’s greatest writer? Although he left school early and never went to university, William Shakespeare wrote many of the most famous plays ever. This delightful lively book brings Shakespeare to life. ‘I, Master Shakespeare’ shows the genius dramatist to have been a human being as well as master of his art.

Born in 1564 and educated in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare moved to London to start writing in about 1588. Would this young dramatist from a small country town succeed in the big city’s theatre? What would happen when his beloved Globe theatre burned down and would Queen Elizabeth I and King James I like his plays? And, finally, why did he will his ‘second best bed’ to his wife, Anne Hathaway?

About the Author

David Lawrence-Young has written over twenty historical novels which have been published in the UK, USA and Israel. He loves researching and writing about Shakespeare and quirky aspects of English history. He has been fascinated by the Bard of Avon ever since he first read ‘Macbeth’ in school many years ago. When not writing, he enjoys travelling to the places which form the background to his novels.