Just Keep Swimming: A story of hope against anorexia

Just Keep Swimming: A story of hope against anorexia


Toxic. Unexplainable. Deadly. This is the reality of living with a mental illness. When your mind becomes your own killer, death seems like a sweet release. This gripping and heart-wrenching story reveals the brutal reality of life with an eating disorder.

Stephanie Shott is a bright and life-loving young woman who has had to deal with all the horror and difficulty of anorexia. In this moving and inspirational book, ‘Just Keep Swimming’, Stephanie bravely and boldly opens herself up to the reader and tells her story.  This harrowing story of dealing with anorexia and beating it is engrossing, disturbing and utterly inspirational.

About the Author

Stephanie Shott was born in May 1997 and has suffered from anorexia since 2010. With intensive therapy and the support of family and friends, Stephanie is now using her experience to help others before they reach crisis, or worse, die. ‘Just Keep Swimming’ is Stephanie’s first book, and she intends to write others to challenge the myths and stereotypes of eating disorders.