Lillian and the Italians

Lillian and the Italians


Looking for her wayward son in 1960s Italy, an English widow encounters revelations and begins a dangerous romance. 

In Venice Lillian Rutherford meets the ex-gigolo who has shared the last four years of Andrew’s life; his disclosures force her to confront a side of her son that she never suspected. Going on to Amalfi, she meets the charismatic Prince Massimo Monfalcone, whose playboy son is being held to ransom in Corsica with Andrew. Massimo distracts Lillian with his life story: his first wife was murdered in a Sicilian blood-feud; his second wife killed herself because of his infidelity. As they wait for news of their sons, a bond grows between Lillian and the Prince…

About the Author

David Gee was born and raised in Sussex.  After attending Birmingham University he worked in telecommunications and journalism in London and the Persian Gulf. ‘Lillian and the Italians’ was largely written ‘on location’ in Venice and on the Amalfi coast. His previous novels include ‘Shaikh-Down’ and ‘The Bexhill Missile Crisis’. He now lives back in Sussex, on the South Downs outside Brighton.