Peter finds a pony pal

Peter finds a pony pal


‘Peter finds a pony pal’ is an utterly gripping story about ten-year-old Peter, a runaway, who hides in a loft and makes a wonderful pony friend, Buster, but can the friendship continue if Peter is found?

Peter has to live with the father he has not seen for years. Teased and abused by the stepchildren, who are also unkind to his beloved cat, he runs away. After hiding in a lorry he finds himself in a country area. For weeks he is cared for by local twins, determined to keep him safe. They are impressed by his relationship with Buster, a rescued pony who has been wary of them. But can such happy times really last when there are daily items on the radio and TV about Peter’s disappearance?

About the Author

Pauline Morphy has been pony-mad since childhood. Her first children’s novel, ‘Exiles from the Moor’, sells for the benefit of World Horse Welfare and has Jilly Cooper’s generous words on the cover. She belongs to two writing groups and has given talks at Mere Literary Festival. In 2005 she attained an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from Winchester University. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, walking and painting and is a keen supporter of conservation.