Poems for Young and Old…and Their Dog

Poems for Young and Old…and Their Dog


‘More Poems for Young and Old… and Their Dog’ is a collection of engaging poems taking the reader on an excursion into humour, nonsense, and even downright hilarity, with an occasional more serious direction.

I hope these pages will bring you joy,

Whether you’re young or old, girl or boy,

I also wish that in just a while

Something in them will make you smile.

About the Author

Born in Ledbury, Herefordshire, David Farren was the second of five children who grew up in Blackheath in London. David later settled in Kent with his wife and family. His earlier career was in financial services, and he subsequently moved into supporting people with learning disabilities which, although less lucrative, he found personally more rewarding.

Drawing inspiration from his three children and six grandchildren, and from observations of other aspects of life, David produced his first book ‘Poems for Young and Old’ which was published by The Conrad Press in 2020. A third book is approaching completion.