This is the story of Bethan Mary Gray and the prophecy of a terrifying gift, an impossible choice and a love that never should have been.

At fifteen, Beth unwittingly receives the ‘gift’ of life over death and is faced with the horrifying consequences of this and with the hardest decision anyone could confront; a life or death choice between two of the people she loves the most. Her story is played against a stunning backdrop of wild shores and haunting mountains and is the first of a series, as Beth struggles to keep her life from spiralling into chaos.

About the Author

David Hanson is a writer and producer of TV and film drama. Already a published author in the world of television and Social History, this is his first novel. He has recently completed the second novel in the Spirited series and is also developing ideas for TV and film. David lives in the North of England, close to the mountains and shores of his novel.