The Atenisti

The Atenisti


‘The Atenisti’ is a global rollercoaster ride of murder, the quest for justice, and retribution through the eyes of a conscience-driven assassin.

Travelling under numerous aliases, Ricci, a member of a secret organisation, finishes a mission in London. Apparently followed, he escapes to Italy. Seeking to avenge the kidnap, rape and murder of a young girl, he is plunged into a battle against a worldwide paedophile ring of extraordinary extent and power. This battle leads Ricci from Italy, through Germany, to India and beyond. Can he take on the might of this criminal network which seems determined to eliminate him?

About the Author

Aidan K. Morrissey, a lawyer, has lived and worked all over the world, his time in Italy, Germany and India, all of which feature in this, his second novel, has given him a deep insight into their culture and everyday way of life. Aidan was inspired to write ‘The Atenisti’ after reading daily newspaper accounts of horrific attacks on young Indian women and children. An enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist, avid reader and writer, Aidan now lives in Northumberland.