The Bones of Becket

The Bones of Becket


‘The Bones of Becket’ is a thrilling mystery based around a tantalising urban myth. Set in Canterbury, England, this riveting story merges the past and present into a lively and action-packed tale that keeps you guessing until the end.

No-one else but Ambrose seems to care that the Professor is missing. That is until an eccentric doctor with a basset hound turns up, revealing a shocking clue to his friend’s whereabouts. Ambrose can’t resist the opportunity to be a detective, even though his older sister Isabella is somewhat reluctant to be an accomplice. What follows is a high-stakes quest to uncover a truth that’s been buried for centuries, though Ambrose will soon find out that some people will do anything to keep a secret.

About the Author

E.J. Powe is a headteacher whose passions for theology and children’s literature have a strong influence on his writing.