The Faringdons – Empire

The Faringdons – Empire


‘Empire’, the first of The Faringdons trilogy, brilliantly merges various episodes of history between the summer of 1929 and the end of 1932, alters their course, and weaves into them the story of the fictional Faringdons. The reader is plunged into this most engaging period of British history. Extensive research, meticulous attention to detail, enchanting characters, and a heroic storyline offer continual entertainment and excitement.

The central character, the Marquess of Marden, is concerned that Britain is again headed for war. In his search for innovative ways of ensuring that Britain is ready, he gathers about him the brightest in the land.

About the Author

Edwin Balchin has spent most of his working life in the insurance and legal industries. A love of British history gave him the idea for The Faringdons trilogy, in which he addresses the wasted opportunities that might have made a difference.