The Final Crossing

The Final Crossing


An exciting cocktail of deceit and intrigue unfolds after a passenger mysteriously vanishes at sea. What secrets are hidden in her past?

A couple of days into a transatlantic cruise with her disabled husband, a woman disappears without trace. As an investigation starts to unravel the circumstances, it gradually emerges that the missing passenger may have been leading a double life. Was her husband aware of her deception and complicit in her disappearance, or could there be some other, more sinister explanation? As her background is slowly revealed, suicide seems a possibility. But when a diverse list of suspects emerges, each with a motive to cause her harm, it’s clear that foul play cannot be ruled out.

Is there a murderer on board. If so, who, and what is the motivation for murder?

About the Author

Mike Masson is a retired Scotland Yard detective inspector who served for over thirty years in the Metropolitan Police. He is a veteran of numerous murder enquiries and has investigated offences in Cyprus, Ethiopia, South Africa, South Korea, United States and Ireland. Now living in Scotland, he has combined his love of writing and travel, together with his past experiences as a police officer, to complete this crime novel.