The Ice-Floe Girl

The Ice-Floe Girl


‘The Ice-Floe Girl’ is a  delightful, beautifully-written and wonderfully observed true story about a nineteen-year-old boy who meets an innocent, angelic Swedish au pair and then hitch-hikes across Europe to join her in Sweden, where she lives at the top of a forbidding villa. She proceeds to take him along with her as an unwitting spectator to her mysterious life in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.

If good writing is about capturing an inexpressible paradox in words – here it is. This account of an ephemeral beauty presents in precise photographic details a remarkable true tale of people and places, retrieves eternall meaningful passing moments that would otherwise have been lost forever and fixes them to the banner of eternal love.  The Ice-Floe Girl is an unforgettable, enigmatic quest stretching from a north London suburb to a small wooden town on the shores of the Baltic.

About the Author

Gregory Motton is internationally known as a playwright, with plays at the Royal Court and Comédie Française, published by Penguin, Methuen and Oberon.