The Lockdown Diaries

The Lockdown Diaries


‘The Lockdown Diaries’ records a year in the life of Dawn, Rod, their kids, cats and garden. It’s hilariously daft but we will all identify with their daily struggles with the Pandemic.

Dawn started sharing her diaries with a few friends, then with a wider audience on Facebook. She is witty and bright, describing everyday tasks and activities with humour and insight. She takes us from the beginning of the Lockdown, as we all became used to wearing masks, turned into teachers, hairdressers and found nail technicians were like gold dust.  She touches on the everyday struggles too – being apart from her six children, missing friends and getting fat. On the plus side, Dawn has contributed to glass bottle recycling on a global scale and performed miracles for Smirnoff shares.

About the Author

Dawn Annandale and her husband Rod bought their home in Portugal in 2016 and have lived there happily ever since, through her fight against breast cancer, Rod’s retirement and their complete renovation of their home in the Algarve. ‘The Lockdown Diaries’ is Dawn’s fourth book. She is a ‘Sunday Times’ best-selling author for ‘Call Me Elizabeth’ and her next novel is currently being edited.