The Lost Wisdom of the Magi

The Lost Wisdom of the Magi


This engaging, meticulously researched novel tells the story of Sophia, a first-century Babylonian Jew who learns ancient languages at the royal archives of the Parthians and secretly studies the magic on cuneiform tablets.

Sophia runs away from home, joining a Nabataean incense caravan, studies with the Essenes on the Dead Sea and joins with the militants of Qumran. As the Zealots battle to defend revolutionary Jerusalem against Titus, she falls in love with a Greek freedman, Athanasios, a comrade in arms. Jews and Christians briefly unite with Samaritans and the People of the Land. But messiahs can prove false.

About the Author

Susie Helme is an American living in London, after sojourns in Tokyo and Paris, with a passion for ancient history, politics and magic, mythology and religion. Once a mobile communications journalist, she now writes historical novels and grows organic vegetables.