The Lotus and the Tiger

The Lotus and the Tiger


Lucy Woodrow, a life-loving Dublin girl, tries hard to make sense of her life and her family. Her romantic and personal adventures are full of charm, wit and are illuminating and highly entertaining. She goes on a worldwide adventure of self-discovery, returning to Thailand three times. Each time her experiences there are radically different.

This is a story, full of soul, of one woman’s determination to find and live the life she loves. Along the way Lucy experiences the devastating loss of her older brother, Shane, and finds true love with a wonderful man, Charlie. As Lucy’s life takes off in different directions she holds on tight to her self-belief. Although at times she goes through painful personal growth, she refuses to give in and ultimately finds her very own happy ever after.

About the Author

Lizzy Shortall is qualified with a degree in Social Studies and a Master’s in Social Work from Trinity College, Dublin. She is certified to teach mindfulness for wellbeing for children and adults. She has also written the children’s book ‘Joy’s Playground’ that promotes resilience through teaching mindfulness, gratitude, and self-belief. Over the last twenty years Lizzy has worked with children and adults as a social worker and teaches mindfulness and creative writing in education, disability, addiction, and mental health services.