The Magnificent Moustache and other stories

The Magnificent Moustache and other stories


‘The Magnificent Moustache and other stories’ is a collection of six delightful tales full of wit, quirky characters and an abundance of welcome nonsense.

These innovative short stories will take you from a national moustache-growing competition to the Queen’s vexation when her usual cuppa fails to appear; and to the challenges of having a name so lengthy that it takes forever to simply introduce yourself. A 200-year-old business faces imminent collapse unless a solution can be found; a kingdom has been cut off from civilisation for 100 years; and what happened in that bitterly cold winter of 1740 in north west Wales?

About the Author

Jenny Sanders grew up in a house full of books. She believes that if you enjoy reading you need never be bored. While reading an entire book in one go can be daunting, she knows that completing a whole story in one sitting is enormously satisfying. Years ago, she taught her four grown-and-flown children to read, and has spent time working with Key Stage 2 children in school.