The Stone in my Pocket

The Stone in my Pocket


A poignant coming-of-age story following a teenage journey into mediumship, independence, 90s pop culture, and a new millennium. ‘The Stone in My Pocket’ is an engaging chronicle of adolescence; a tender family drama; and a supernatural mystery, exploring the passage to self-acceptance and how it feels to be different.

Seventeen year-old Nathan hears a voice crying in his garden at midnight. Later, a ghostly figure stands in his bedroom doorway then vanishes. The crystals Nathan collects on his shelves fall. But he can’t tell his devout parents any of this. They don’t believe his strange stories anymore. Seeking answers, he turns to Iris: the medium who owns the village bookshop. She reads tarot cards and divines that Nathan’s grandfather is communicating with him from the spirit world. And he’s bringing grave warnings for Nathan’s family.

About the Author

Matthew Keeley is a teacher and writer of novels, short stories and arts reviews. His sci-fi debut, ‘Turning the Hourglass’, was published in 2019 and he is a winner of the National Trust Scotland Morton Writing Competition. He lives in Glasgow surrounded by cats and rescue hens.