The Subtle Thief

The Subtle Thief


‘The Subtle Thief’ is a witty, elegant, and intriguing murder mystery set in New York’s sophisticated art world. You won’t find street-wise thugs or master criminals here, but rather a heady mix of writers, curators, collectors, art dealers, and enticing sirens whose world is turned upside down when one of them is found dead in their Manhattan apartment.

Enter our partners-in-detection (and in bed): Desmond Fairbrother, a handsome and wealthy connoisseur, and Abigail Higginson, a sassy novelist from Boston, who have both made their mark on New York’s literary and artistic scene. What begins as a sexy comedy of manners within Manhattan’s artistic community quickly turns in a different direction as our two sleuths piece together a series of elusive clues. Abby tells the story and Desi solves the mystery as our sparring couple entertain friends and suspects alike until the action reaches its surprising finale.

’If you like ‘Only Murders in the Building’, you’ll love this intriguing mystery tale. Catty, elegant, sophisticated goings-on in the New York art world: what’s not to like?’ Tim Newark, ‘Daily Express’ commentator

‘Artistry finds its author in the epicurean excess and luxurious prose of this murderous exposure of New York’s high life. Art, sex, and food are at the fore and everyone is a suspect.’ Jeremy Black, author of ‘The Pursuit of Poirot’.

About the Author

Richard Wendorf is the prize-winning author of ‘Sir Joshua Reynolds: The Painter in Society’. He has served as the director of the American Museum & Gardens in Bath, Harvard’s Houghton Library, and the Boston Athenaeum.