The Time of My Life

The Time of My Life


This is a true story

Yes, this is the fantastic life story of how a young boy from Essex became known as the King of Porn and the Lord of Drugs.

He started his young life in Essex, later moving to the East End of London. He had big dreams of being rich and simply the best.  This all came about, simply due to the old laws in England. They forced him to leave and take refuge in Holland. That was where all the real fun and games began, including the money and fame.

About the Author

John Mansfield was born in the late 1940s and spent his childhood in Essex. He is the youngest of three kids and the only boy, so he was always spoilt by his parents. John started working, with his father, as a photographer and then they progressed into porn. He has been married and divorced twice, lived the high and low life, spent time in prison whilst waiting for extradition, fought the law and actually won!