The Write Way to Die

The Write Way to Die


‘The Write Way to Die’ is a fast-paced and intriguing blackly comic tale of murder in the creative quarter of a seaside town where the bodies are mounting up amongst the art installations.

When Amy joins a writing group, it’s murder. On paper, at least, as the eclectic members pen their perfect killings. The planner, the housewife, the pantser and the classicist all contribute their stories, some darkly comic, others simply gruesome. Then there’s Robert, who wants to write a killer worthy of a nickname. Enter The Exhibitionist, the stuff of nightmares, and the darkest of all.

About the Author

Jo Bavington-Jones was born in Dover in 1967, where her father owned the local newspaper. Jo has an Honours Degree in English and American Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and is the author of three other novels: ‘Lucy Shaw’s Not Sure’, ‘Lucy Shaw Wants More’, and ‘A Giraffe Thing’. ‘The Write Way to Die’ is Jo’s first crime novel.