Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again


This remarkable and engaging novel, set during the dark days of the Second World War, chronicles the lives of two families who share life and laughter, love and loss.

There amongst them, to ensure that common sense prevails, is the ever-present figure of Gran, whose answer to most things lies in a hot cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of stout when the chips really are down. The richness of the portrayal of the characters in ‘Till We Meet Again…’ the insightful observations and down-to-earth values, draw the reader into a web of warm nostalgia in this delightful tale.

About the Author

Gladys Burchell was born in 1931 and grew up in North London in the 1930s, where she learnt to love observing people and their strengths, frailties and foibles. A difficult childhood, followed by a loving marriage and four children, left Gladys little time to write, though characters and storylines were never far from her thoughts.

Attending a writing class in the early 1970s let the creative genie out of the bottle – it could hardly fail to when fellow student and instant friend was Lena Kennedy, the then as yet undiscovered but soon to be bestselling author of romantic East End fiction.

Now living in Broadstairs, Kent, south-east England, Gladys is currently working on her next novel.