Travellers in the Sand

Travellers in the Sand


Travellers in the Sand takes you on an eye-opening tour of the Middle East region, from the River Jordan to the Siwa Oasis and beyond.

Discover the genuine cultures of the Old World and sense the indomitable spirit of those ancient lands, with the incredible wealth of tradition within the Arabian Peninsular. Live the experience; from first exposure to the unique socio-agricultural system of an Israeli kibbutz, to another kind of society within the teaming masses camped around Cairo’s City of the Dead – the contrasts are extreme, as are the characters you’ll meet along the way.

About the Author

Jim Taylor lives in Kent in South East England and has many adventurous hobbies. He has travelled around much of the world in his quest for exceptional experiences and his writing style is as unique as his travelling spirit. Travellers in the Sand, along with his previous two memoirs, Hot Metal and Wheels of Steel, conveys a sense of being there with him and participating in an utterly unforgettable experience.