Wyoming Magic

Wyoming Magic


Romantic and intriguing, this story draws the reader into mystery and danger with a thrilling and surprising ending.

Inheriting a ranch in Wyoming from an unknown cousin called  Willard, Sandy Carson goes to investigate. On meeting Kyle, the sexy ranch foreman outside town, their instant attraction is mutual, but having expected to inherit the ranch himself, Kyle is shocked to discover Sandy is the owner. Unable to keep his hands to himself when Sandy responds, it isn’t long before things intensify. With Willard and Mary’s headstone indicating they had been parents, what secret is hidden in the barn’s locked attic and why does Sandy get abducted?

About the Author

Susan Haven’s interest in the American West was sparked by growing up reading romantic Zane Grey Westerns. After being widowed, Susan again took up horse-riding, a hobby she had first started to love when she was a teenager.  Susan’s border collie, Rio, is adept at Obedience and Agility and frequently wins prizes in shows. Writing novels is something Susan always wanted to do. She loves visiting the United States and bases her romantic novels there. In what spare time she has, Susan enjoys gardening and reading.