Young People Know the Real Truth

Young People Know the Real Truth


Polly and Jaybird are twins. Polly was born blind and relies on her loving brother for practically everything until they both find themselves responsible to save their family, their unexpected helpmates, and their community, proving that you don’t have to be rich or powerful to be successful in life. Polly and Jaybird, like the flying creatures of their namesakes, learn to be free of any and every tie.

‘Cold Moon and Hoot’ is an attempt to bridge the gap between human and animal because there needn’t be one. It’s possible for there to be such sympathy that kinship can overcome fear and the sense of what is alien. Exciting times between Cold Moon and Hoot lead to ever more as they grow toward maturity and beyond.

About the Author

Born during the Great Depression, attended University of California, Los Angeles during the great period of almost-free education, taught at Los Angeles City College for over sixty years, during which he saw nearly a dozen novels published. Wife Bettyrae is an interior designer, daughter Chana a veterinarian, step-son David an ophthalmologist, Luke is a border collie.