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Well, look who’s here – a literary luminary in the making!  

We have been eagerly anticipating your arrival.  

Welcome to The Conrad Press: The leading UK independent book publisher

At The Conrad Press, we are more than just a UK book publisher, we are your partners in professional book publishing and promotion.

As an independent book publisher, we are committed to guiding authors through the entire journey, from text to the bookshelf.  Let’s turn the page together, we are here to guide you through the exhilarating process of transforming your manuscript into a masterpiece.

Ever since James Essinger MA (Oxon) founded The Conrad Press in 2015, he has been proudly championing unknown talent and seasoned writers alike.

Our passion for publishing books and author success truly sets us apart from the rest.  

Discover our specialist publishing services, as we are ready and waiting to take your writing career to the next level.

Services We Provide

Book Publishing and Cover Design

We offer a full range of publishing services, which includes all editing, designing and distribution, ensuring your book is meticulously crafted, in every way possible.

Literary Editing and Writing

Our team of experienced authors and editors will work alongside you, and will be able to offer a professional hand with any editing you need, to ensure the end result is a polished piece of work.

Marketing Your Books

We have excellent book marketing resources and expertise at our fingertips to help your work fly off the shelves. Discover our comprehensive book marketing and promotion services.

Author Support

We provide a range of writing support services from manuscript assessment to author coaching, that will help you achieve your writing goals. Our expert and experienced team are available to all our authors.

Recent Releases 

The Tiergarten Tales by Paolo G. Grossi 

Boys and men of Berlin. A captivating journey through their lives, love affairs and misdemeanours across the city’s turbulent history.


Felix and Walther bestride a deep class divide, forging an enduring bond in 1890s Prussia. Kaspar and Max navigate the fraught upheavals of the Weimar Republic by skilfully marketing the only commodity in demand. Young Kazimierz leaves his impoverished Silesian village and sets off on an epic journey to the Prussian capital, the seat of an ageing Frederick the Great. His heavenly beauty, endearing naivety and, ultimately, fate will transform his life once through the gates of the city.


Echoes within echoes. Circles within circles. Wealth, poverty and moral compromise. The privilege and toxic masculinity of the Prussian officer class.


An Interview with Gordon Henderson

Steven Statton – a very working class spy

Steven Statton – a very working-class spy, is a thrill-a-minute story of intrigue and betrayal at the heart of Britain’s most secretive intelligence agency.

While set mainly in London, the story sees Steven Statton travel the world in an effort to counter an Iranian plot to use the Mafia to destabilise Britain by flooding its streets with heroin. 

However, Statton’s task is made harder when he is betrayed by somebody working in the British Secret Service. Matters come to a head in a lockup garage in London’s East End, where Statton has a violent confrontation with two Mafia hitmen, and with his own boss.