Beetlebrow the Thief


Ben Parker’s stunning debut novel, ‘Beetlebrow the Thief’ – as featured on BBC Radio Leeds, Jersey and Kent – is a fast-paced feminist thriller about two teenage girls struggling to survive in the poverty-stricken streets of a male-dominated world; two teenage girls who have no other option but to complete a dangerous mission for their government.

When Beetlebrow and Pook are offered money to deliver a message to a distant city, they jump at the chance. But as they learn more about what their mission entails, they start to question everything they had once thought, and they to find a love they could never have imagined.

In this epic coming-of-age story, two bold and fearless young women begin to find a transcendent new purpose in their lives.

About the Author

Ben Parker was born in Ealing, London in 1983. He studied feminism, gender studies and LGBT+ studies as part of his BA and MA in English Literature from Southampton University.

He lives in Kent.